(San Fernando Valley OG x Auto Glueberry OG)



USA Special


Indoor, Outdoor & Greenhouse

Крайне сильное

10-12 недель

Our newest addition to the USA-line is an autoflowering cultivar you don’t want to miss out on. With independently measured THC levels over 20% this is one of the strongest auto strains available today.

Are you into very loud and fragrant cannabis buds? Do you love it when you light up a joint that can be smelled from miles away? Then our Auto SFV OG is exactly what you need! This is a new school cross with a terpene profile that is so tasty you will want to smoke/vape her again and again. It’s a lovely blend of sour, zesty, fruity, chemical, piney and earthy tones accompanied by that classic OG aroma. This lady reeks and tastes like proper high-quality cannabis!


These feminized autoflowering seeds were developed by crossing the famous San Fernando Valley OG cut with one of our most beloved and prized autoflowering strains, Auto Glueberry OG. This double OG cross is a match made in heaven! You can expect medium sized auto’s with a very strong and bold plant structure, with the occasional ultra-big lady in a pack. The buds are completely covered in resin, very sticky and extremely potent! Use quality carbon filters when you grow this lady because she will stink up the entire room/house. She comes with the highest recommendations of the Dutch Passion team.