(Miracle Alien Cookies x Auto Think Different)



USA Special

Indoor, Outdoor & Greenhouse

Крайне сильное

10-12 недель

When it’s all about having the best-looking buds in the room these Auto Mac #1 seeds will not disappoint! She will capture your senses and fulfil everyone’s wildest dreams! The bright, compact and trichome loaded buds will even catch the eye of the most demanding smokers.

This is a flashy variety that not only looks the part, but also knows how to produce well. She is known to produce massive amounts of flowers in a relatively short period of time. The photoperiod MAC #1 was used and crossed with our Auto Think Different to give this beautiful American cultivar an even bigger harvest!

The plants and buds have a hybrid style appearance but with the compactness of an Indica. You can expect extremely frosty buds with an amazing bag appeal and banging potency levels. Resin production on this variety is off the charts!

She is completely covered in a thick white blanket of trichomes. This lady has a powerful high that will last for a long time. Expect THC-levels of around/above 20%. She is a good autoflower to make extracts from, with high yields when making hash