Purple #1 x (Auto Forbidden Fruit x Cherry Pie)

Auto Forbidden Cherry is a fully purple, robust autoflower suitable for growing in greenhouses, outdoors, guerrilla or indoors. It is a compact autoflower with a Christmas tree structure and a short seed-to-harvest time of 10 weeks on average. She grows relatively compact buds with a good flower-to-leaf ratio. Her unique terpene profile has a strong and pungent aroma. Lovers of terpinolene and ocimene have come to the right place! She has a hybrid (body & head) high that will relax you.

She is suitable for beginners and easy to grow - very stable and powerful. The cross between our Purple #1 and Auto Forbidden Fruit x Cherry Pie makes for a true all-round autoflower that can be successfully grown in a wide variety of conditions. This is the ideal strain for the grower looking for a fast, guaranteed harvest. Fans of purple coloured weed, look no further and try our Auto Forbidden Cherry now